2 Things To Look For When You Have Your Car Repaired After An Accident

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If you have been in an accident and have taken your car to an auto body repair shop, it can be difficult to tell whether the body shop has done a good job. However, if you keep an eye out for these two things, you can feel more confident that your car has been repaired properly.

Ask about Aftermarket Parts

Many times, if you have parts that need to be replaced as a result of your accident, the mechanics at the body shop will simply use parts that come from the original manufacturer. They may use new parts, or they may use used parts, which can function as well and are less expensive.

Sometimes, to cut costs even further, they may choose to install aftermarket parts in your car. Aftermarket parts aren't made by the original manufacturer, and may more easily corrode or wear down than parts that come from the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are sometimes used at the request of insurance companies, so check with your insurance company to find out what kind of parts they are willing to cover. You may be responsible for the costs if you insist on using parts from the original manufacturer, but that can very well mean that you can avoid other costly repairs in the future.

Check Dashboard Lights

There is a good chance that if you've been in an accident, some warning lights have been constantly illuminated. The airbag light, check engine light and coolant fluid light are just a few of the lights that will be on. After your car is repaired, all of those lights should not be on anymore. If one of the lights is on, you need to check with the mechanic about why that is.

Even though you do want all of the warning lights to be dark when you pick up your car, it is crucial that they light up when you start your car and then go dark. Some disreputable mechanics may just remove the light bulbs from the dashboard, so that you think everything has been fixed. Before you drive your car away from the shop, turn your car off completely, start it up, and watch to make sure that the warning lights are functional before going dark.

Now that you know some of the things you can look for to make sure that a good job has been done on your car, be sure to remember them as you look for a reputable collision auto body repair shop you can trust. 


22 December 2014

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