Three Surprising Places You Might Find Used Motorcycles


Cable TV shows feature "pickers", guys and gals who wander the country looking for rare and valuable "junk". The best episodes are the ones that show rare motorcycle finds in the craziest and most unexpected places. If you want to find a priceless Harley or a rare motorcycle part, then here are three of the most surprising places you should look.

Old Barns

Quite possibly the most surprising places of all to find old motorcycles and parts are old barns. Hundreds of defunct farms in the U.S. are now the property of persons who use the barns for storage, and as most of the pickers' shows reveal, the barns are filled to the brim with things time forgot. Most of the time the owners themselves have forgotten what they have stored in these ramshackle buildings. You could score the motorcycle find of the century if the property owner is willing to let you look through their stuff.

Bomb Shelters

Yes, it would seem that the bomb shelter builders and owners of the forties and fifties built them big enough to store a motorcycle. Some bomb shelter owners thought that having a mode of transportation after the dissipation of nuclear fallout was a good idea, and motorcycles are not the strangest thing to find in them. When bomb shelters are discovered and uncovered on a property, you could be right there for the unveiling of motorcycle history.

Underground Private Garages

When property transfers through inheritance or becomes public real estate after the owner has died, a treasure trove awaits in an underground garage. Most of the time, those that inherit the property are completely unaware of what exists in the underground garage until they choose to wander through it. There could be cars, motorcycles, a combination of the two, or nothing at all, but you will want a front row seat for the auction in case a used or vintage motorcycle is there.

Get Creative in Your Search

People collect and horde things like motorcycles in the strangest of places. They want to protect and preserve their collection, and they are quite creative in their efforts. If you want to find used motorcycles for sale, or used motorcycle parts, you are going to have to be just as creative and crafty as the owners. Exterior buildings and underground structures of any kind are just the tip of the iceberg when you are hunting for something extraordinary.

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29 December 2014

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