How To Repair Window Tint Peeling

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Window tinting uses a type of film that makes your windows look darker from the outside. This not only gives you more privacy and sense of security, but it also helps to block some of the bright, hot sunlight during the day. If you have noticed that your window tint is starting the peel, these tips will help you repair it.

Cut a Piece of Film

Before you can repair the window tinting film and replace it, you will need to remove a section of film. Look at the part that is peeling and cut a rectangular section around it. Make sure you are cutting through both layers of film, but are not damaging the window glass. To avoid cutting into your glass, apply light pressure to cut through the first layer, then the same amount of pressure to cut through the second layer. A razor blade works well with cutting away the film.

Remove the Film

Once you have cut a rectangular piece of the film around where it is peeling, you will first need to saturate it before removing it. Grab a spray bottle and saturate the edges you cut with water. Use a towel to get any drips. Make sure you are only using water and not a cleaning product that contains ammonia, as it will remove the adhesive on the rest of the window tint film. Take your razor blade and slide it just under one corner of the film you are cutting. Make sure it is underneath both layers of film and use it to slice that section out, using water if it starts to dry out. Continue until all of it is removed.

Replace the Film

Once the damaged film has been removed, use a razor and water to get rid of any glue particles stuck to the window. Take the piece of film you removed and hold it up to the fresh window tint film. Cut a piece of new film according to the size as this old film. It should be just slightly larger than the old piece, so you don't have any gaps. Spray water onto the glass and peel the plastic backing off the piece of film you just cut. Put it on the wet glass with the glue side down on the glass. Press firmly, working out any air bubbles.

Once the new window tint film is on the window, it should look seamless. As long as it was cut slightly larger than the piece you cut out, you won't notice much of a difference. Talk to experts like Select Collision Centers Inc for more information.


29 January 2015

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