4 Tips For Scoring A Lower Price When Buying A Used Semi Truck

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Whether you are someone who is looking to work as an owner-operator in the trucking industry, or if you are looking to purchase a good yet affordable truck to add to your commercial fleet, then you could be wondering how you can get the best price on a used semi truck. Luckily, not all semi trucks have to be expensive, especially if you buy used. While shopping, keep these tips in mind. If you do, you could find a surprisingly low price on a great truck for your trucking needs.

1. Go to an Auction

Many dealers purchase the trucks that they sell from auctions. Look for truck auctions in your area; this can be a wonderful way to score low pricing on high-quality used truck and other equipment. Just remember that you often can't inspect the trucks beforehand, so be cautious about how much you bid; otherwise, you could end up paying too much for a truck that needs work.

2. Ask a Local Dealer to Match Pricing

Get online, and look for pricing for used trucks all over the country. If you bring in a print-out to a local dealer, he or she might be willing to match the price that you have found if there is a similar truck in stock.

3. Buy a Truck That Needs Some Work

Although it can be risky, buying a truck that needs some work can be a good way to score a low price. In some cases, used trucks only need cosmetic work, such as a paint job. In other situations, you can pay for the repairs to make the truck run well for less than you would spend buying a good used truck. It's important to bring a mechanic along to inspect used trucks that need work, however, to ensure that you know what you're getting yourself into.

4. Buy from an Individual

Many owner-operators end up selling their trucks themselves for one reason or another. They might be interested in upgrading, they could be going into a different type of trucking and could need a different type of truck, or they could be retiring. Regardless, many individuals will let their trucks go for lower prices than dealers; this is because they often need or want the money right away. Therefore, it can be smart to look for used trucks that are being sold by their owners. Just make sure that you check the truck out well first, since many of these individuals don't offer warranties and aren't as worried about their reputations as sellers as dealers are.

As you can probably see, there are a few different methods for scoring a great deal when buying a used semi truck. If you give these four tips a try, you could find the perfect truck for your needs for far less than you planned on spending. Talk to other experts like Arrow Truck Sales for more information.


9 March 2015

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