Transmission Problems in a Car: The Cause & How Repairs Can Be Made

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Has your car suddenly started to pull a little when you are driving? The pulling feeling is a problem that can't be ignored, as it is a sign that your transmission may need prompt attention before it breaks down altogether. Find out below about how transmission problems can affect your car, as well as how a mechanic can make the necessary repairs.

What Causes a Car to Develop Transmission Problems?

Failing to keep a sufficient amount of transmission fluid in your car is one of the main ways that your car can experience problems. You must keep in mind that the transmission is the main part of your car. If a transmission is not taken care of and stops functioning, your car won't be able to move. It is also important for the transmission fluid to be free of debris. Small pieces of metal can get into the transmission oil when engine parts rub together, as well as dirt.

The pulling motion in your car is a sign that you need more transmission fluid. However, the pulling can also be a sign that the transmission is in need of a repair. You may experience other problems with the pulling when the transmission is damaged, which may include a delayed engine startup and the inability to drive in certain directions.

What Can a Mechanic Do about Transmission Problems?

A mechanic will be able to perform a transmission flush on your car if the fluid is responsible for the pulling motion. Flushing out a transmission is a way to get rid of any contaminated fluid that has dirt or metal in it and replacing it with fresh fluid. The mechanic can also change the fluid, which is different than flushing because all of the contaminated fluid won't be removed. A small portion of the old fluid will remain in your car and be mixed with fresh fluid when transmission fluid is changed.

If your transmission is damaged beyond repair, a mechanic will have to install a new one before your car will work as it should again. You may be able to get your same transmission rebuilt, but a used one can work if you are trying to save money.

How Much Does a Transmission Cost to Repair on Average?

Getting your transmission rebuilt is can cost an average of $1,000 plus. You can spend as little as $200 plus on a used transmission. Get in touch with a mechanic like National Transmission Inc so he or she can bring your transmission to a good condition as soon as possible!


1 July 2015

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