Auto Body Damage On A Low Value Vehicle: Fix Or Scrap?

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If you've had a small collision and you aren't sure if the cost is worth making a claim on your auto insurance, there are a few things you want to do so you can make the best financial decision with the vehicle. First you want to get a police report of the accident and take pictures, so you can make an insurance claim if you have to.

Next you want to take the vehicle to an auto body and mechanic shop to get an estimate for the damages. Get more than one quote to determine the accurate price for the work that needs to be completed. When you get an estimate for the work, ask the mechanic about the following things:

Can You Get Used Parts?

Are you able to get used auto parts to save money on the project? Getting a door from a junk yard or a panel off a car that is going to be scraped may be much cheaper than getting a new one, and the auto body shop can paint it to match.

Spend the time looking for used auto parts in junk yards and used auto body suppliers locally and online to see if you can get a part that is the same color as your vehicle. This would cut down on the expense and make the repairs faster.

What is the Vehicle Worth?

If you have to spend a lot of money to repair all of the damages and you don't want to make a claim on your insurance because the deductible is high, you may want to consider selling or scraping the car. Items like the catalytic converter or transmission may be worth selling independently. If the vehicle isn't worth the amount that you have to pay to fix it and you are considering a new vehicle, ask the auto shop what you could get if you broke the vehicle apart and sold the valuable items.

The auto body and mechanical work that you get quoted for may not be the total cost. The professionals may tear the vehicle apart and find out that there are other problems that need to be fixed inside the car. Compare estimates and take the time to search for used parts before you decide if it's worth saving your car and having it fixed, or if you are going to sell it or scrap it.

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22 July 2015

Are Used Car Parts Right For Your Vehicle?

When it comes to auto repairs, I am lucky. A good friend of mine is very car savvy and is able to make the majority of the repairs that my car needs. However, recently he sprung a question on me that surprised me. He asked if I wanted him to install a new part or a quality used car part. I asked for his opinion and did some research online. I was surprised to find that there wasn't a lot of information out there about when you should and should not use used parts in your car. So that's how this website came to be. I decided to compile the information I learned, so that in the future, someone doesn't have to search all over to decide whether to have a new or used car placed in their car. Hope my website helps you to make your decision!