4 Things You Can Do to Help Your Older Car Pass a Smog Check

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Older cars are far more likely than new ones to fail a smog check, but that doesn't mean if you own an older model you're automatically out of luck. In fact, there are several things you can do to make sure that your car is more likely to pass a smog inspection, which means you can keep it on the road for years to come. Take a look below at just four things that experts recommend you do before taking your car in for a smog check.

Drive It on a Long Trip

Drivers who are fond of driving their older model car will be pleased to learn that simply driving your car around for a few hours is one way to help pass your smog check. Driving at highway speeds for a few consecutive hours helps the catalytic converter work properly, burning off any harmful pollutants and releasing less harmful ones into the environment via the exhaust.

Inflate the Tires

What do tires have to do with a smog check? As it turns out, quite a bit. If you fail to properly inflate your tires before taking it to a smog inspection, it means that when the car is turned on and run in place during a dynamometer test, the engine will be forced to run that much harder. On the other hand, if the tires are properly inflated - even on an older model - you'll see emissions results go down significantly. 

Check Your Engine

One sure way to waste time is to take your car into a smog inspection shop with a "check engine" light still glowing on the dash. Most mechanics who perform smog inspections will actually turn away your vehicle at the very beginning if they notice a "check engine" light has not been addressed. So if you know you have an inspection on the horizon and haven't gotten around to having your engine checked at a dealership or other auto mechanic, be sure to do so soon.

Monitor the Battery

Don't go get a smog inspection if your car's battery has recently been disconnected or has lost power. If your battery has experienced a disconnect or depletion recently, it means that the emission monitors inside the car's electronic system have been wiped clean, and your vehicle will need to be driven for several hours in order to reset and pass the emissions test during an inspection.

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20 August 2015

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