Helpful Tips To Keep Your Mercedes Benz's Transmission In Good Condition

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Keeping your Mercedes Benz in good condition should begin with good transmission care. When this component is not functioning as it should, your car won't have the power it needs to operate efficiently. Achieving this goal should start with a focus on the transmission fluid. Here are two transmission fluid tips to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Fluid Leak

In any vehicle, low transmission fluid due to a leak can be a major problem. When fluid leaks, the transmission doesn't have the lubrication it needs to effortlessly shift between gears and keep your vehicle in motion. Low fluid can cause the gears to stick and ultimately cause damage to the gears. While all these problems exist in a Mercedes Benz, a fluid leak can cause even more problems in them than in other vehicles.

Within the transmission of these vehicles are a number of electrical control signals that provide function to the brake control system, engine computer and transmission computer. When there is a leak, the fluid can spill over into these controls and cause discord within the engine and brake system. Make sure you are having your vehicle checked for leaks regularly.

Fluid Condition

The condition of the fluid in the transmission is equally important. With regular use, debris can buildup, causing the fluid to become chunky, instead of smooth. This can prevent the fluid from flowing through the transmission efficiently, causing it to lock-up. In addition to debris, old fluid can also change in color. Fluid in good condition is generally bright red. As it ages, it starts to turn brown.

Once it's oxidizes and turns dangerously old, it can even turn back, which can cause the transmission to run sluggishly. Checking the fluid is imperative. Unlike other vehicles, newer model Mercedes Benz don't come with traditional dipsticks that allow you to check the fluid on your own. You will need to take your vehicle to a service professional like Malibu Motors Service, to perform this step at a frequency based on the recommendations within your owner's manual.

Service With Care

In the event you are faced with a transmission concern or any other vehicle related issue for that matter, only have the vehicle serviced by a certified Mercedes Benz technician. The uniquely engineered design of these German vehicles is one of the factors that make them so desirable, but it is always what can make them so difficult to service. Only trust your luxury vehicle to someone who is both trained and experienced with this brand.

Make sure you are taking the time to care for your Mercedes Benz transmission to extend the life of your vehicle and to ensure a more enjoyable ownership experience.   


20 January 2016

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